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Today Tula State University (est. 1930) is one of the leading universities in the country, the center of science, education and culture of Tula Region.

A long time ago, in 1962 the first students from Bulgaria arrived to study at Tula State University, and year by year the number of students from different countries of the world has been constantly increasing.

At the moment, citizens of 70 countries of the world are studying at the Institute of International Education. The majority are from the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Vietnam, as well as the CIS and neighboring countries. The students population includes students from European countries as well (Bulgaria, Portugal, Croatia).

According to the number of international students in the total students’ population the TOP-10 countries (full-time education) include Egypt, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Tanzania.


In the market of educational opportunities in Tula Region, Tula State University is represented by a unique set of educational opportunities. It trains graduates in more than 150 areas and specialties of defense, technological, mining and construction, computer science, natural sciences, economics, law, social sciences, humanitarian, and medical fields.

The TOP-10 educational programs popular among the full-time international students are as follows: 31.05.01 General Medicine, 38.03.01 Economics, 38.05.02 Customs, 13.03.02 Power Industry and Electrical Engineering, 21.05.04 Mining, 07.03.01 Architecture, 08.03.01 Construction, 40.03.01 Jurisprudence, 40.05.04 Judicial and Prosecutorial Activities, 45.03.02 Linguistics.

Educational programs are being implemented in full-time and part-time forms. The university trains graduates of various fields – mathematicians, mechanics, physicists, chemists, psychologists, political scientists, historians, archivists, theologians, linguists, translators, lawyers, sociologists, doctors, specialists in physical culture and sports, designers, designers, economists, managers, architects, teachers, including higher education, highly qualified specialists, candidates and doctors of sciences.

International Cooperation

International cooperation in the field of science and research, culture and education plays an important role in the activities of the university. In academic and scientific areas Tula State University has ties with educational organizations in more than 20 states (Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, India, Spain, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Montenegro).

Science & Research

The most serious attention at the university is paid to scientific work in its various forms: research supported by grants; training of highly qualified personnel through postgraduate and doctoral studies; cooperation with institutes and scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences; patent and licensing work; hosting and participating in scientific conferences and exhibitions of various levels; students’ research work ; printing monographs and other scientific resources. Science & Research has a positive impact on the quality of specialist training and is the evidence of the fruitful work of the teams at the departments.

Tula State University has 16 doctoral dissertation councils in 37 scientific fields. Every year 12-15 Doctoral and 80-100 Master’s theses are submitted at the university.

Social Life

One of the priorities at Tula State University is the social sphere: the university has the largest network of dorms in Tula Region, sports buildings, a world-class football field, and 2 swimming pools. There is a polyclinic, its own Medical Clinical Center, the only university kindergarten in Russia, a sanatorium, a network of canteens and cafes, out-of-city recreation centers. The university traditionally carries out a set of activities aimed at socio-cultural adaptation of foreign citizens to the conditions of education and living in Russia, revealing their scientific and creative abilities, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, ensuring the safety of international students, and preventing extremism and crime. These are numerous conferences, exhibitions, festivals, and forums dedicated to colorful national holidays, the interaction of different cultures, and creativity that unites the peoples of the world. One of the brightest annual events is the traditional Festival of Creativity of International and Russian Students “We Welcome All the Flags!”

University Graduates

A person with a Tula State University diploma always finds a worthy place in professional life. The university is rightfully proud of its graduates, including heads of ministries and departments both in Russia and in foreign countries, government bodies, Heroes of Russia.

University Administration

Kravchenko Oleg Alexandrovich

Kravchenko Oleg Alexandrovich

Position: Rector

Academic degree: doctor of technical sciences, professor

Phone: +7 (4872) 35-21-55


Labadze Olesya Evgenievna

Labadze Olesya Evgenievna

Position: Vice-Rector for International and Project Activities

Academic degree: Candidate of Sociological Sciences

Phone: +7 (4872) 25-24-91


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